Thank You for Joining the Club and We Are Looking Forward to See You on our Next Private Club Meeting

Make sure to register to Zoom by clicking the button above so you can attend our Private Club Meetings. Also check your email for the login access to our membership website where you can find previous club meetings’ replay and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my membership dashboard/portal?

Go to  This will direct you to your membership dashboard. If you haven't created an account yet, just click the Create account link on the bottom of the sign in button.  Register using the email address you used when you purchase your Dispute Letter Club membership.

What if I forget the password to my membership dashboard?

Go to your membership dashboard and below the login form, click the link that says "Forgot your password?".  Put in your registered email address on the next screen and click submit. Check your email for the password reset instructions.

What can I do inside the membership dashboard?

Your membership portal/dashboard will help you manage your membership.  You can check your order history, update your payment info, cancel your subscription or even reactivate your membership again.

How do I join the Facebook Group?

Our exclusive Facebook group will help you optimize your membership.  Go to and make sure you answer the questions asked so you will get approved.

How do I register and join the Club Meetings?

Our Exclusive club meetings are done through Zoom. After you purchased the membership, you will receive a welcome email with a link to register.  You can also register here: ZOOM REGISTRATION if you haven't yet.

Important Note: 
Use your registration/membership details (Name & email) when you register so you will be approved.

When do we have our club meetings?

Club meetings are done bi-monthly.  Meetings are already scheduled thru Zoom on Thursdays at 6:00pm EST.  You can see all the schedules on the zoom email you receive upon registering or the email reminders we send prior to the meeting.  You can look for an email with the following details:
Email Name From: Zoom
Email Subject: Private Dispute Letter Club Meeting Link and Details

What are the things to remember during the club meetings?

  • Must have your camera turned on when you join the session.
  • Must participate during the meeting.
  • When joining the meeting, you must use the email and name you used to join the group.
  • Must be willing to share resources like dispute letters and other contacts.
  • Must not ask or share tactics regarding illegal disputing.

What to do when I need assistance?

You can send us an email at or send us a message in our membership website Contact Page here: Contact Us

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